Local News

HMR Conservatives Annual Dinner

Members and supporters of Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Conservatives gathered this week for their annual dinner at the Middleton Masonic Lodge.

Conservatives Retain Local Council Seats

The Heywood and Middleton Conservative Association are pleased to announce that they have successfully held their seats in both Norden and Bamford wards, in the 2015 Local Elections.  Councillors Pat Sullivan (Bamford) and Peter Winkler (Norden) retained their seats with comfortable majorities of 450 in Bamford and 1205 in Norden.

Councillor Ashley Dearnley Opens New Children's Nursery.

Wardle & West Littleborough Councillor, Ashley Dearnly spends a wonderful morning St. Andrews School and has the great honour of opening their new Nursery.  Councillor Dearnley said: "It is an honour to open this new nursery, which will benefit local children".

Iain Gartside Chosen as By-Election Candidate

Members of the Heywood and Middleton Conservative Association have adopted Councillor Iain Gartside as their local candidate in the forthcoming by-election on 9th October 2014.

It's All Conservative for Norden

It was a fantastic result for Norden Ward at last nights local elections, when candidate Mike Holly secured his place as Norden's third Conservative Ward Councillor...