Local News

Conservatives Force Labour into Brownfield Site Pledge

The Rochdale Conservative Group scored a massive win in the debate surrounding the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework draft proposal this evening as Councillor Peter Winkler put Labour Group and Council Leader, Richard Farnell on the spot in the Council chamber.

Norden Councillors Save Historic Mill Chimney

Norden’s Conservative Councillors are delighted to report that the historic mill chimney at Black Pits has been saved and restored so that this local landmark can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Conservatives Support Greenbelt Action Group

Conservative Councillors from Bamford have helped to re-establish the Bamford Greenbelt Action Group in response to a public outcry over plans to build 750 large executive homes in the green belt off Norden Road.  They have been joined by Councillors from Norden, where the impact of the developme

Public Anger at Labour Leaders 'Disgraceful' Comments

Concern over suggestions to build 750 new large family homes at a green belt site in Norden & Bamford has turned from shock to anger as local opponents found themselves described in the local press as vociferous, well off and selfish by Labour Group and Council Leader, Richard Farnell.

New Road Marking for Elbut Lane

Following a recent public meeting your Conservative Councillors are pleased to report that worn road marking have been reinstated at the junction of Elbut Lane and Rochdale & Bury Old Road in Birtle.